Your Guide to Roadside Assistance Service Plans

If you haven’t signed up for roadside service, you should consider making that your resolution heading into the new year. You never know when you could use the extra help jumping a dead battery, getting into your locked car, or even having gas delivered to you.

Of course, not every roadside assistance service plan or program is built the same. Some are cheap but come with fewer advantages, while others cost more yet offer more value. Wondering what the best roadside assistance plan or service is for you? Here are a few important things to keep in mind when you start searching for a new emergency roadside plan.

What to Look for in a Roadside Service Plan

  • If you have numerous vehicles, a full-service roadside plan could benefit you. These plans are costlier, but they’ll cover all your vehicles. You can also pay a higher membership fee to ensure all drivers in your household are covered.
  • Anyone who travels a lot, either for business or pleasure, should seriously consider a roadside plan with a generous towing policy and even trip interruption. A basic roadside plan may restrict you from getting towed to a reputable or authorized service center if it’s just outside of the towing radius. Trip interruption should also cover at least 3 days’ of expenses while your vehicle is in the shop.
  • Don’t always assume expensive coverage is better than cheap coverage. You may be paying extra for unnecessary (unused) service. Always read the fine print. 
  • Steer clear of roadside assistance from credit card companies. They can cost a lot of money for each service request, and customer service can be an absolute terror. You’re better off going through your insurer, if in a bind.
  • Is there an app for that? Calling for roadside assistance is easy enough, but some companies have apps that allow you to request an emergency tow, fill-up, jump-start, etc. The benefit of using an app is that the service provider will know your exact location. (Yay for satellites!)
  • Don’t fall for plans that have contractual cancellation fees. Talk about a rip-off…
  • Read reviews and check for complaints left with the Better Business Bureau. Keep an eye out for criticisms of professionalism, wait times, regional issues (“service not available in so-and-so”), and overall customer service.
  • Check how many “roadside events” are allowed. Most plans will limit you to less than a handful before charging you extra.
  • When you purchase or lease a new vehicle, you are probably covered by a manufacturer roadside assistance package. Always ask your auto dealer for details.

24/7 Honda Roadside Assistance vs. Competitors

If you purchased, financed or leased a new Honda, you’re already covered by 24-hour emergency road service for the duration of its New Vehicle Warranty period (3 years/36,000 miles). Check out how Honda Roadside Assistance differs with the AAAs of the world.


Unless you want to extend your plan past the warranty period, there are no extra membership fees or charges with Honda’s Roadside Assistance. 

With AAA or Triple A Roadside Assistance, your membership can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 per year, or more depending on your region, plan and vehicle.

Auto insurance companies also offer roadside assistance, and that service is usually cheaper than AAA. For example, companies like USAA, Geico, Progressive, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual and Allstate provide roadside assistance service for anywhere from $12 to $50 annually. However, you must be insured under a policy to take advantage of their roadside plans, which may not always be a great option.


Most roadside assistance plans come with the same general list of services — flat-tire changes, towing, jump starts, etc. — though there are slight variations. Below, we’ve compared and contrasted Honda Roadside Assistance to other plans:


If your vehicle gets stuck, a truck will be sent to pull you out of trouble. Most major roadside services offer winching, though there are limits. For instance, Progressive and Geico will only winch your vehicle out if it’s stuck on or near (100 feet) a publicly maintained roadway.

Jump start 

Honda will dispatch a unit to help jump start a dead battery. All major roadside service plans include this.

Fuel delivery 

If you run out of fuel, Honda will send someone to refill your tank with up to 2 gallons of gas (no more than twice per calendar year)*. 

Gas delivery is available through most other plans, though Honda provides fuel as a complimentary service. Members of Allstate, Progressive, USAA and the basic AAA Classic Roadside Assistance plan must pay for fuel costs.

Lockout assistance

If your keys quit working or become lost, or if you leave them inside your vehicle, Honda will dispatch a specialist to help you access your vehicle and/or replace your keys.

With AAA Roadside Assistance, locksmith service is only available if the costs don’t exceed $50 (up to $150 with the most expensive plan) per instance. Geico and Nationwide have $100 limits for the same service.

Flat tire changes 

When you encounter a flat tire, a unit will be sent to help you replace it with a spare tire or tow your vehicle to the nearest Honda dealer/service center. As long as you have a spare tire or donut, this service is provided by most major carriers. 

Mechanical or accident tow 

If your vehicle isn’t functioning properly or has been in a collision, a tow truck will be sent to your location and transport your vehicle to the nearest Honda dealer/collision center.

Classic AAA towing service is limited to 5 miles (for Florida members).

Progressive towing service is limited to 15 miles, or the nearest approved repair shop if there is no location within that 15-mile radius. You’ll be responsible for any extra charges, including repair costs, if you choose to tow your car to any other shop.

Allstate offers enhanced towing reimbursement of $100 (up to $250 with premium membership) to ensure your vehicle is towed to your desired service center, though this means extra monthly or yearly costs.

Other insurance roadside assistance plans’ towing service restrictions vary.

Trip interruption 

If your Honda breaks down more than 100 miles away from your home, you can be reimbursed for expenses incurred, up to $100 per day for a maximum of 3 days. These expenses may include food, lodging or alternative transportation. Upon request, your Honda Roadside Assistance rep will help you locate and secure a rental vehicle/alternative transportation and temporary lodging (hotel, motel, etc.)**.

Only AAA and buy-up plans like Nationwide Plus and Allstate Advantage offer comparable trip interruption coverage.

Roadside Events

As a Honda owner, you’re fully covered, which means that, with the exception of fuel delivery, there are no restrictions to how many service requests you make. 

Limits to the number of “roadside events” exist for many other plans, including Progressive, Allstate, Geico, and those of most insurance companies and credit cards.

Honda Service South Florida

Emergency Honda Assistance in South Florida

If you require a hand with your Honda near Miami, we’re here to provide assistance with mechanical issues or after a car crash. With numerous Honda dealerships and service centers in South Florida, we’re just a quick tow away from most major cities, including Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Hollywood, Davie and Miami. 

To request Honda Roadside Assistance, dial 1-866-864-5211, look for contact information on your window’s “Roadside Assistance” sticker, or contact your South Florida Honda Dealers.


Two gallons fuel provided, not to exceed twice in a calendar year. Requires VIN at time of service request.

Any third party costs (such as vehicle rental, taxi, lodging, flight fares, etc.) associated with

the rendering of the Trip Continuation Services noted with an asterisk (**) above shall be borne by the driver requesting such service.